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eCommerce Websites

With each passing year, we see more and more of the world move online. Particularly in the post-pandemic era, many people shop online more than in person, making eCommerce websites more essential than ever before.

Our expert web development team is immensely skilled in crafting stylish, functional websites designed to generate sales and enhance your customers’ user experience. We curate each section of the site to optimise sales, incorporating calculated call-to-actions and persuasive copywriting for best results. eCommerce sites allow you to sell your goods online quickly, the convenience encouraging customers to convert and creating an efficient way to generate sales. The ease with which they can complete transactions will build a foundation of trust in your business that will motivate them to return.

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The Process of an eCommerce Website


When helping you design an eCommerce Website, we ensure it’s bespoke to yourself and your company. To help produce this, your Project Manager will gather all information that we require to create a first draft PDF. During this stage, we will work closely with you to exchange ideas to get us to your Website’s finishing design for your Website. The organisation’s brand and target audience play a massive part in developing the overall visuals for the site’s style you would like.
During this stage, we will need the following:

Company Logo

Company Brand


Text style

50% Deposit

The time scale of this Design Process is five days. By the end of this first stage, we can deliver your Website’s design and all subsequent pages in PDF format to be then signed off. Additionally, if you need a Logo created, we can help!

Bringing Your Design to Life

During the Development stage, we bring your designs to life! The graphic elements created in the eCommerce Website Design stage is made in a digital version of the approved PDF design. You will then recieve a testing link to view the design and a framework for your Website. However, it is essential to note that this is not your finished Website. Throughout this stage, we will also be working closely with you to collate the content we need for your Website. The time scale for the Development Process is two weeks.

Telling your Story

During this Population Process, we input all your Content such as text, images and videos to build the perfect online platform for your business. We tell your business’ story through your Website, and we ensure your site creates a perfect user experience. We will be asking you to regularly check your Demo Link as we will require your feedback during every stage of development.

Likewise, if you need Content, don’t panic  here at nu media hub, we can create fresh Content; Photography and Videography.

We are ready for the Launch

Finally, your site will undergo our nu media hub checks to ensure that it’s fit for digital purposes, mobile-friendly, security checked, and content matched, to name a few.

During the final stages, we have a series of last checks to complete guided by your Project Manager; this is where we allow you to make any final amendments. Likewise, we suggest that if you’re running any Social Media/Marketing campaigns to launch your new Website, you start doing this now. The countdown is five days!

Our Hub Support

Protect your assets with comprehensive hosting services

Hosting Services

Once your Website is designed, you’ll need to have it hosted for it to appear online. Typically a 12-month hosting package starts from £250 per year. However, bespoke packages are also available.

We offer website security that prevents your Website from being hacked. On the rare occasion a hack occurs, our professional diagnostic and repair services team will guarantee you back up and running again. We also offer cloud security which safeguards against theft, leakage or data loss. Cloud security is designed to protect these resources from all threats.

What's Included In Your Website?

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